Betty Rauch
123 Anywhere St

I requested to return to Fidalgo Rehabilitation Center after a hospital stay on Whidbey Island. I knew that I would be in good hands since I had been at Fidalgo Rehabilitation Center three times before. I needed physical therapy, 24 hour care and the convenience to follow up with Doctors at Island Hospital across the street. The staff is phenomenal, they give great love and care to all of the residents and I would like to thank them for their support to me.

To the Nurses who made sure my medications were on time Kim, Kendra, Rebecca, Tina, and Vonnie.

To Haley, Jerika, Rhiannon thanks for all the wonderful hugs.

To Elizabeth thank you for the baths.

To Elisha who gives great massages and is fantastic with biofreeze!

To the entire night crew thanks for being there on those sleepless nights.

To Amber, Zack, Shannon, Will, and the entire Aide crew you are so important to the patients and the facility.

If there is anyone I did not mention by name I apologize. You are all family to me and I thank you for your support and making me feel like this is home.

Hugs and Kisses

Dorothy Good

From arrival to discharge during a twenty day stay at the Fidalgo Care Center, my experience was blessed from every level of staff. My husband and I were particularly grateful for the guidance we received from Kim Wieman, RN and Resident Services Coordinator, throughout the rehabilitation.

The nursing care was professional, nurturing and generous of heart and hand. The support staff was efficient and cheerful. The therapy team designed an appropriate workout for me after determining the special needs of my recovery. My strength improved, and I am continuing the therapy at home.

If I should need additional care in the future, I would choose to return to the Fidalgo Care Center and will recommend this facility to others in my circle of friends.

Ian Ellis

My wife and I are snowbirds. We have a modest little place in Arizona that we like to spend our time when we’re not at home at Shelterbay in La Conner, WA. This year, my wife beat me to Arizona so I was driving to meet her when I got in an awful car accident near Redding, California. I ended up being in the hospital for a month before being discharged. I had been to Fidalgo Rehabilitation a few years ago when I had gallbladder surgery, so I knew immediately I wanted to come back after this accident.

When I pulled up to Fidalgo from the hospital in California, I immediately relaxed. Just seeing the building the familiar faces was so comforting. Even though I was in a lot of pain from my innumerable fractures, I was so relieved to be back.

The nurses have been just as I remembered them to be, wonderful! They are attentive and available whenever I need them. The therapy team really tailored an exercise regime to fit my individual needs. They know just how to push you to not only reach your goals but exceed them!

I especially want to thank Blake Olin the Dietary Manager. I have Celiac Disease which means I have to be very careful with my food and read every label to make sure I can eat it. I have never had someone work so hard to cater to my dietary needs. It is so wonderful to have the peace of mind knowing that whatever I get served while at Fidalgo, meets my dietary restrictions and I don’t even have to think about it. I could get used to that.

I’m headed home soon and I couldn’t have done it without the team at Fidalgo Rehabilitation. I know that if I ever needed another rehabilitation stay, I’ll be headed back and recommend you do the same!

Jerry Pollard

I had surgery at Island Hospital for a bone spur removal. My Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Stacia Smith recommended that I have inpatient rehabilitation services. The discharge planning team from Island Hospital understood my needs and were able to refer me to Fidalgo Rehabilitation Center. I have had this type of surgery before but it is never routine. The pain and rehab is always tough. 

I was discharged from the hospital on a Sunday and was happily greeted at Fidalgo by Travis the Occupational Therapist. He did an assessment and started my therapy that same day. Since then I have had physical and occupational therapy twice a day. The rehab team not only encourage me to keep going but they are always problem solving. I have worked with Jesse (Physical Therapist Assistant), who has introduced a new technique for amputees called “mirror therapy”. I appreciate his kindness, humor and creativity. Mary (Occupational Therapist), has also been wonderful to work with she makes everything positive and pleasant. I am also impressed with the RN staff. They are proactive in helping me control my pain and are very competent in working with Dr. Llewellyn and Diana, the Nurse Practitioner, regarding my status.

My appreciation continues for the entire staff who never lack smiles or offers to help. Everyone has been patient and genuinely kind. I would like to recognize Jerika, CNA, she is phenomenal and always aware I need something before I ask. She always brightens my day. Zack, morning CNA, is very considerate and caring. He even comes to visit on his days off. Brian, night shift CNA is also exceptional. His physical strength matches his big heart. This team has given me and my family the confidence that I will leave Fidalgo Rehab with the ability to independently continue my daily routines.

- Jerry Pollard

Joy Bennett

On July seventh, my husband and I were planning to enjoy a nice dinner in Anacortes before boarding a ferry back to Orcas dIsland. I was exiting the truck and quickly realized that I was falling. I couldn’t stop myself and the next thing I knew I was at Island Hospital’s Emergency Department.

When I woke up from surgery I was told that I had a broken hip. I was surprised and unprepared to deal with this set back. After a few days in the hospital, my surgeon Dr. Hanesworth from Skagit Island Orthopedics referred me to Fidalgo Rehabilitation Center. I wasn’t too thrilled because I couldn’t go home with my loving husband Bob and our best friend Toby.

My attitude changed after the first day. All of the staff were so friendly and patient. They helped me whenever I called even in the middle of the night. Dr. Llewellyn is great and the rehab therapists worked closely with the Skagit Northwest Orthopedics group to help me get stronger. I have enjoyed all of the love and attention from the staff but most of all I really appreciate that Bob could bring Toby in to visit me. Because my experience and recovery was exceptional my husband Bob is now planning to come to Fidalgo Rehabilitation after his scheduled surgery.

Larry Lindberg

I had fallen at home a few times without any explanation. It wasn’t serious until my wife and I were in Anacortes. She wanted to complete some errands before we got back on the ferry to Orcas Island. Our first stop was at the grocery store. As I was getting out of my car I fell, hitting my side against the car and my head on the ground. My head split open and was bleeding very badly and I broke a rib. I was transported to Island Hospital’s Emergency Department and was admitted. I stayed for a few days until they determined what was causing me to fall. Before I could go home my doctor wanted to send me to a rehabilitation facility to build my strength. So the discharge planner referred me to Fidalgo Rehabilitation Center. I had been in a rehabilitation facility in Bellingham before so I thought I knew what to expect.

Boy was I in for a surprise. From the time I arrived to Fidalgo Rehabilitation Center it was a very pleasant adventure. This place is so warm and friendly, there is nothing like it! When Dan came over to the hospital with a wheelchair to transport me he had a great big smile that made me feel relaxed. He draped a poncho over me so I wouldn’t get cold and wet on our trip across the street. The welcoming committee was at the door with smiles and greeted me as if I were a family member returning home. I felt that way the entire time I was there. The leadership, nursing and therapy teams all know their business. They worked together seamlessly and were professional at all levels. I had daily Occupational and Physical Therapy. They were consistent and always encouraged me with positive reinforcement. I believe that Fidalgo staff take their time and show genuine interest in their patients. They got to know me and my Larry-isms, for example “if you want to change your altitude, you have to change your attitude”.

I will go back to visit my new friends and family.

Loretta Vogt

I had a total knee replacement on June 23rd at Island Hospital and three days later my wonderful surgeon Dr. Stacia Smith, from Skagit Northwest Orthopedics released me for rehab services before I went home. Even though I live in Oak Harbor, I chose to go to Fidalgo Rehab Center because a family member of mine was a patient there and it was a positive experience. I have worked as an in-home caregiver providing one on one care and also as part of a care team in nursing homes. I can’t be more pleased of the nursing staff at Fidalgo Rehabilitation. The caregivers were very well trained in their jobs, they were all professional with sweet personalities. Overall the entire staff treated all of the patients with compassion and respect.

There was always plenty of good food available. My family and I were pleasantly surprised when they were invited to stay for dinner during their visit. The care team set us up in the patio and served us a delicious meal. My ten old granddaughter thought that was neat.

The physical therapy and occupational therapy team were great. I worked with them twice a day and was feeling ready to go home in a week. I did have to reach some goals before we were confident that I could go home.

I had a follow up visit 12 days after my surgery. My surgeon was satisfied with my progress and felt I could go home the next day.

I feel that my mobility improved and incision healed very quickly because of the wonderful care I received at Fidalgo Rehab Center.

Marydel Hamilton

I came to Fidalgo Rehab Center after my family recognized that my health was declining after a stay at another facility. Since one of my children lives and works in Anacortes he moved me here and knew Fidalgo Rehab Center was the best place. He said, “Fidalgo people get better and go home”.

I was pretty weak and out of it when I got to Fidalgo Rehab Center. I did everything I could to improve my health with the help of the entire team. My health improvement plan required individual meal preparation, diligent physical therapy daily, and lots of caring people who wanted to help me get well. I was determined to do my part so I ate all of my meals, participated in all of my physical therapy sessions and kept busy with the many social activities offered. I believe that the round the clock care was critical to my progress. I especially want to recognize Ginny, the Restorative Aide. She is a stand out and very committed to her patients.

My total stay was 2 months. I am now in my own apartment at Cap Sante Court in Anacortes where I am reunited with my roommate,Norma, from Fidalgo Rehab and we are now lunch mates. It is nice to see that she too got better and able to live independently. My family and I are so grateful for the love and care from the entire staff at Fidalgo Rehab Center. We can’t thank you enough.

Pat Graves

On September 4th 2014, I had heart surgery at the University of Washington. After my surgery I was told that I needed to go to a skilled nursing facility to get stronger before going home. I had never been to a place like that before and I was apprehensive to say the least. I ended up going to Fidalgo Rehabilitation in Anacortes (my home town) and I’m so happy that I did.

The staff was so kind and happy to work with me. I ended up feeling guilty because I always feel so pampered. As a mother of four and a fisherman’s wife; I normally do the pampering so to be the recipient of that was a wonderful change.

I really enjoyed the nurses and the therapists catered an exercise program specific to my needs and I was able to go home successfully. I found myself actually missing the staff and the interaction.

I was at a routine follow up appointment with my primary physician Dr. Reiger when I had a stroke. (Talk about timing) As soon as I got my wits about me; I knew I wanted to go back to Fidalgo. I was welcomed with loving arms and smiling faces. It felt so good to be at my home away from home. I’m just about ready to leave to go home but I know that I have a hip surgery coming up. I’ve already reserved my room for another stay. I cannot say enough good things about Fidalgo Rehabiliation and if anyone reading this needs or knows someone who needs rehabilitation after a hospital stay, Fidalgo is the place to be!

Peter Sanford

My surgeon, Dr. Stacia Smith, from Skagit Northwest Orthopedics, highly recommended Fidalgo Rehabilitation Center in Anacortes for my recovery from hip replacement surgery. I needed to stay at a local rehab facility since my home is located in the beautiful San Juan Islands on John’s Island where the total yearly inhabitants are nine, two of which are myself and my wife. The rehab team at Fidalgo developed a care plan to last up to seven weeks. I had progressed so quickly under their regimen that my total stay was approximately three weeks. Upon meeting my physical and occupational therapy goals I felt comfortable to go home.

I was treated very well and the stay was wonderful from beginning to end. The initial admissions process was efficient and smooth. I just went to my room and settled in. When I was ready to discharge I had a few follow up appointments to attend and when I returned to Fidalgo Rehabilitation Center the paperwork was ready for my signature. All of the Nursing staff were excellent and the rooms clean. The only criticism I would have is the abundance of food and ice cream. I had to ask for half portions.

I truly wish that when my wife needed rehab care she would have been cared for here at Fidalgo Rehabilitation Center. They are exceptional compared to the care center she was at northeast of Seattle.

I look forward to my return home and ability to enjoy the wonder of John’s Island. I highly recommend this facility to anyone needing Rehab services and care.

Joyce Tighe

I am a recent June Bride at 84 years old, “Love comes at any age”.  I met my husband while working together as Docents for the PBY (Naval Patrol Bomber) Museum at Whidbey Naval Airbase.  We started dating last September and became really serious after I lost a son in January.  Bruce was there to console and support me during that difficult time.  Bruce and I stay active with our combined families, work, volunteering at church, and the senior center in Oak Harbor.  We are busy planning trips to Austria, Spain, and taking a river boat cruise down the Danube.

At this time I am rehabbing from my third knee surgery.  This knee was originally done 15 years ago and has finally worn out.  Dr. Stacia Smith, from Skagit Northwest Orthopedics did all of my surgeries. I have to say she is very good!  We talked about rehab after this last surgery because of my age and the extent of hardware involved.  I started my search and heard that the quality of care at Fidalgo is the best.

I scheduled a visit before my surgery and after my tour with Kim, RN, I knew that I wanted to rehab at Fidalgo.  The physical and occupational therapists were excellent.  After a few days of therapy I felt like I was having a set back because the pain was increasing.  Loni, Occupational Therapist, suggested that I switch from the cane to the walker for every other session.  That suggestion gave me great relief and I did not need to increase my pain medication.  All of the nursing staff during the day and night shifts were superb.  I can’t name them all in fear I will miss someone.  I do want to mention the male caregivers and how impressed I am.  I can’t believe how compassionate and sensitive they are to give from their hearts.  I believe that the Courtesy, Compassion and Care given to me at Fidalgo Rehabilitation made me the person I am.

I look forward to my 85th birthday as I will be skydiving with my 80 year old sister and also traveling with Bruce.